Savannah Smiles

Straight out of the notebook that stays at my side, including last week’s road trip. It’s not so much poetry as stream-of-consciousness writing, with little to no editing.

Texting in the park
About toys, gifts, strangers, and drinks
Smiling by myself
Sitting on a bench
Listening to the birds
And the clop of the horse’s hooves

Talking to strangers in the courtyard --
The secret garden
Lights crisscrossing the sky
Palmettos dropping their fronds
Coconut, strawberry, lemonade and rum
How can I go wrong?

Counting my blessings
But I don’t have enough fingers and toes
The sun is starting to go down
And the stranger makes his retreat
Is she approachable, he wonders,
And finds another place to sit
Wearing his favorite blue suit
He’s sweating in the sun
But it might be a safer spot
Where he won’t be rebuffed

And what about her?
What does she want?
A relationship, or a fling?
Someone to eat with, clink glasses
And share some laughs
Snuggled in a corner booth
Swaying to the rhythm and blues

And what about the other
Or the one even farther away
Who helped her get over the hump
Showing her she still held some charm.

Hello, old friend, it’s been a long while
Last time we saw each other
I was in a different place

My mind was still reeling then
And the wind was cold and bitter
But even then, I could feel the
Sunshine warming my face

Today I come to you with a
Still-healing heart
This journey’s been more than
A little tough
Many times I wasn’t sure I was up
To the challenge
But here I am, coming to find you
Today with an open heart

I’ve been doing my homework
And looking within
My camera is with me, once again at my side
It’s been my most faithful companion

It’s surprisingly quiet out here
Just a few whispered voices
Carried by the waves and the wind
Mostly I hear the water, pounding on the beach
With the seagulls calling to each other as they
Float and fly above their prey

The umbrellas are lined up, side by side
But maintaining six feet
Clusters of sun worshippers
With their offerings on display

Can’t imagine how crowded this must get on a nice summer’s day
The sidewalks teeming with tourists, groups of families taking in the sights
Retired couples and snowbirds flitting from one hot spot to the next
Myself, I’m sitting on a wall, warming in the sun and waiting my turn

Not sure what happened yesterday,
Or why I couldn’t resist the pull
I know it was the third one that did it,
Even though they were spaced several hours apart
I know that I felt disrespected and somehow that resonated
More after a couple of drinks
An old-fashioned girl like me likes to be treated a certain way.

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