A mango grows softer on the outside and the stem weakens and separates from the tree of life, but the seed inside is stronger, just like us.

This week’s bloom about mangoes, along with a recommendation from a friend, as well as today’s daily meditation email, are tied together like the ribbons attached to each of my weekly blooms. They are all encouraging me to separate in order to be strong. I must cut the cord that is holding me back; break that connection that no longer serves me.

I’m working on it. Today as I practiced yoga and Adrienne asked us to “set an intention for the practice and let go of the day thus far” what came to mind was “I am strong. I am loved. I am free.”

The taste of freedom can be
Fresh starts don't always feel so.
But just like that mango,
my core grows stronger each day.
until one day it breaks away.

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