The satisfaction of a little structure

My entry for this week’s photo challenge feels a little too much of a copy-cat submission. I was outside on the deck yesterday evening looking around for something to shoot. I had already skimmed through all my recent and even not-so-recent shots and didn’t really find any that I wanted to submit. So I’m out with the camera looking at the trees and then I looked over the little patch of what is supposed to eventually bloom into something (I don’t remember anymore what seeds I planted there) when I saw how some of the leaves were curled in a bit, almost like they were hoping to catch something – drops of water maybe? It does, however, show off the structure of the veins within the leaf, very much like our inspiration shot from Jen H.

Natural structure

To make up for the fact that I leaned quite heavily on the inspiration shot for this week’s post, I bring you a second photo challenge entry. It’s not a structure shot, but it does reflect the sense of satisfaction that I’m feeling to see that I succeeded in posting seven times in August!

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  1. eyeforapic says:

    Great photo, and success in seven posts, and a double link to the WPC’s Marissa – success all round 🙂

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