What’s on your mind?

That’s the prompt many of us see on a regular basis as we reach for our smartphones or computers and check in to see what’s going in the Facebook world. Today I’m home nursing a twisted knee (the result of a mis-step getting out of my fancy, low-riding car last night) and so I’m spending a lot of time on the couch with my knee propped up, laptop at my side, phone within reach, resisting (so far) the urge to binge-watch season 3 of OITNB and trying to finish my library book instead.

But I’m easily distracted these days. I’ve been surfing the web and have found myself about to go to a specific site with a purpose in mind and as I start to type in the URL I’ve forgotten where I wanted to go. I found my way over to the Daily Post and checked out the prompts to see if maybe today I could work on my writing (I posted an entry for last week’s photo challenge — check it out!).  The prompt that finally led me to start a new post was the free-writing challenge to just write for ten minutes about whatever came to mind. So that brings me back to the original question:

What’s on your mind?

Since I’m a list-maker, here’s what’s been on my mind these last few days:

  • My baby girl is moving to another state! I’m happy for my daughter as she and her boyfriend are packing up and getting ready for the next chapter in their lives and I know they will do great things. I’m going to miss them though. I’m counting on Instagram, Facebook, text messaging, and even some phone calls (I hate talking on the phone!) to keep us connected. Hey maybe I’ll even write some letters. Hope she writes back!
  • My husband is coming to work with me in a few weeks! We won’t really be working together and I may not even see him much during the day, but we’ll be driving in together, going home together, and most importantly, he will be leaving behind that horrendous commute, and as my father put it, he is adding years to his life, and life back into his years.
  • My art show is coming up soon and I need to finalize my print selections (thanks to those of you who have voted and are  helping me choose), print and frame them, and determine a reasonable price for each in case anyone actually wants to buy one. We bought some cool, old frames at a couple antique shops that I think will make a nice display when I hang them up at the restaurant.
  • That flag. You know the one I’m referring to. It’s always been controversial and it’s even more so now after the horrible shooting in Charleston last week. I don’t really have anything wise to say that hasn’t already been said better by much smarter and more eloquent writers and speakers. It is time to take it down. At least from state and other official buildings. If you choose to display a flag that you claim is only a symbol of your southern pride and heritage, I suppose that’s your right. Hopefully everything else about you won’t indicate that you might be OK with the racist association.
  • Gun control. I watched a hilarious video the other day of an Australian comedian talking about gun control. He used humor to make so many excellent points. It’s definitely worth the 15 minutes.

What else was I going to say….oh yeah I remember now:

  • Religion. I actually have so much to say and yet I’m afraid of offending someone who may take what I write personally. I am comfortable with my own spiritually and my beliefs. I don’t like being preached to on a daily basis, however, by those who can find a passage or a line in the Bible to suit a particular (and hot-so-hidden) agenda.
  • Sexuality. It’s no one’s business, right? Gay or straight, transgender or bi-sexual, it makes no difference. No one, not even Caitlin despite the way-over-the-top media coverage, is asking for your approval.
  • And on a related subject, did you see this in the news the other day? Click on the picture to read the story. I love what happens next!

I think I’ve probably already reached my ten minute goal so I’ll stop torturing you with my scattered thoughts and ramblings. So back to my book and maybe by tomorrow my knee will be ready to hit the Zumba floor again. If you’ve made it this far – thanks for reading. If you have thoughts of your own on any of these subjects, please feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear what you think.

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