The Sunday Post: No More Whining

So I realize I’ve been doing a lot of whining and complaining here lately. That’s not really what I intended this blog to be, so today I’m only talking about good things.

Today we went for a leisurely drive and stopped at a couple of antique shops and had lunch at the Ironhorse in Ashland, VA. It was a quiet day, but relaxing with lots of time to just think. You know how sometimes silence between two people is uncomfortable? Today we had long periods where we just drove, listening to the radio, immersed in our thoughts and plans. Very comfortable and relaxing.

Last night we had a dinner party with friends from work and we really enjoyed their company. It was just a potluck dinner really, but good conversation, good friends, good music. A very pleasant evening.

Last week was Jeremy’s last week of school, and I have to say he did bring up his grades a little bit and ended up with a B average. (The one sour note was the D in Spanish, still very much unacceptable.) We had a talk last week and I asked him to read my last blog post. We’ll see what happens when school starts again in the fall. He did pose for some pictures for me so I could practice a little bit – you can see a couple shots here.

I’m sitting on our front porch, and there’s a soft rain coming down. The Stones are playing on Doug’s iPhone, and I’m ready to sit and rock with him for a while. ‘Til next time!

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