Daily Prompt: Me Time

Today’s prompt for bloggers is about ideal Saturday mornings and asks how I would spend this “me time.”

That’s a good question. There’s a big difference between how I would want to spend this time, and what reality forces on me.

In a perfect and ideal world, I would spend as much of Saturday morning as possible in bed with my husband. Every once in a blue moon, we actually get to do this. Most of the time however, we have errands to run, laundry to wash, and other people in the house who actually expect us to spend some time with them.

And so we settle for something less than ideal. This is tolerable as long as we get to drink a cup of coffee. (This is actually still a fairly new habit for me as I didn’t start drinking coffee until this fall.) So, sipping on a good cup of coffee while I browse recipes, either in cookbook or online, would probably be a pretty good substitute for my ideal Saturday morning.

This actually feeds two of my passions. (I almost hesitate to use the word “passion” as it makes a pretty strong statement, but after thinking about it a minute I realized that I do feel pretty strongly about these things.) I love to cook, and I love reading. Reading cookbooks is something that I can do for hours. I may never make the recipes I read, but I think I learn from them and pick up tips and learn about integrating ingredients. I have found some great recipes that I can now experiment with and make them my own creations.

Right now I have a Food Network magazine open to the Christmas cookie section. I am patiently waiting for my husband to return from his morning errands, bearing my cup of coffee, and killing a little time by surfing the Internet. Ah, I see he’s just pulled up. Now, my ideal Saturday morning can continue.

Carry on and enjoy your day!

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