Moments, Swarms, and Landscapes (Oh My!)

I have a variety of photos for you today as I catch up on some Photo 101 assignments. The assignments were “moment,” “swarm,” and “landscapes.” You can probably see which photos go with each assignment.

Tree House or Mythical Creature?

A couple of years ago we toured the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware. This tree house is right outside the brewery and is where they meet to brainstorm and get creative. It has a pretty cool story, which you can read on their website.  

Something Blue

Found a little pop of color in my car while driving home tonight.

Warm Sunshine

It’s the middle of November and it seems like warmth, particularly outside, is not that easy to find. So for this assignment, on which I’m behind, I’m going to share with you a picture taken last year, in a very warm place: Panama. I can almost feel the warm rays of the sun as they…


After spending two days in a convention center, this is my view of nature, from a car window.

Bliss can be so simple

Time to ourselves, with no demands, no rush. Just the water, nature, warm breezes, and our pool-side playlist providing the soundtrack to ultimate bliss.