Loaded Dice

go for it
maybe blow on it for a little bit of luck
and let the good times roll
they say life’s a crap shoot
and she’s had her share of losses
but she’ll roll with it and still
give you her best side if she can

ah, but how many sides are there, you wonder
you’ve probably already spotted a few
you once tried to stack them and count them
but with each twist and spin
the faces became blurred
one fading into the other

you’ve tried to connect the dots
and predict which would greet you that night
would it be the quiet, cautious lady with the patience of a saint
or maybe the creative artist, spinning new ideas out of thin air
it could be the fiery seductress, making a rare appearance and yearning for
a lover’s touch, almost desperate to give it back
(she might even rattle your bones)
or maybe she’ll be anxious, afraid to love
or worse yet, to never have been loved

one thing’s for sure
no matter how you load the dice
and no matter how they fall
all sides are there with each roll
one supporting the other
a little bit of patience helps soothe the soul
of the anxious lover and the temptress
provides a bit of confidence to the girl
who’s been hiding behind a screen, feeling like an imposter
each face is sincere and honest, trusting you
whenever she bares her soul.

go ahead
take your shot
chances are
she’s worth the gamble

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