The Sunday Post: Springing to Life

I’ve been using the hashtag #springiscoming in my Instagram stories and my daughter corrected me this week by saying that summer is coming. She’s lived here longer and this is my first spring in South Carolina so she might be right. Maybe spring only lasted a couple days and we’re about to start the summer season already.

We have had some very warm days and I’m loving it. I’ve walked the neighborhood, visited the zoo, and opened my windows. The birds outside my window have been very busy and very vocal, doing the spring mating dance I’m sure.

I have no news to report regarding my dating adventures. No new dates or texting partners this week, although I did go down a big rabbit hole by signing up for TikTok.

Originally it was to look up the Bridgerton musical videos I’d heard about (they’re so good!) but then I found dance videos (which of course I knew about), and comedy, and more music, and then dating advice and life coaches, and so on and so on. I’m sure it’s just the algorithm that determines my feed, but there are a lot more people my age on TikTok than I expected. So. Much. Content. (Can I just date the hot guys posting dating advice videos?)

This weekend I got my first of two vaccine shots. I’m really happy about that. I hope everyone gets vaccinated when their opportunity comes along. I know it’s not 100% guaranteed, but I’ll feel better about traveling and getting together with people once more of us are vaccinated. Not sure what my first trip will be yet. Maybe just a visit back to the office or just a road trip to the beach, or maybe to meet one of the grandkids.

Hope you all have a great week!

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