The Sunday Post: Divine Essence

This week’s quote is a hard one for me to connect to a blog post.

So you need to reassure the ego, the mind, and your consciousness that your Divine essence is perfectly capable of protecting and keeping you safe within the physical.

Clarence Deigel through Diandra

It is Sunday though, so it’s probably a good day to explore my Divine essence. I have to confess that although I was raised in the Catholic church, mostly because of my abuela’s influence, it’s been a long time since I was a regular at any church’s weekly service. I have not read the Bible cover to cover as many have, but I do consider myself a spiritual person. I don’t pray regularly. The last time was for peace for my dad during his final days. Before that? I don’t remember, but I know there have been many moments over the last year when I’ve looked to the heavens or closed my eyes, hoping for answers or wishing I had more strength, more courage.

Meditation is not easy for me; my mind tends to wander down trails that should be left unexplored. I do have moments on the mat that come close to prayer. But there have been brief moments, in between poses and bends and downward dogs, when I could be still enough to focus on just my breath. Breathe in, breathe out.

I’m trying not to project too much what this coming week and weekend will be like; not to expect them to be hard. It’s hard not to though. I know myself fairly well. I can only distract myself for so long. That’s why I’m making an extra effort to work on new projects, clean, cook, bake, dance, and get on the mat every day this week. I’ll be taking a few days off to find some waves to watch. Maybe I’ll write. Maybe I’ll pray. Maybe I’ll connect with my Divine essence.

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