Looking Ahead

Earlier this week I took what some might call a “mental health day” and left my “office” early and headed to this peaceful spot with my kids. Chattooga Belle Farms was just what the doctor (or therapist) ordered.

Today (October 10) is Mental Health Day around the world, bringing awareness to mental health and mental health education.

I was not in good shape when I left the condo but felt much better by the time we left the farm. It’s possible the tasting at the distillery contributed to that feeling, but it was the company that did most of the work. Whether they were just listening, letting me cry quietly on a swing, giving me words of encouragement, or distracting me with silly stories, my kids made everything bearable.

I’m looking ahead but taking it one view at a time. Today’s view is rainy and tomorrow’s might be too, but I know that eventually the sun will come out again. I’m hoping that the next time I’m on a swing I will be able to focus on the view in front of me instead of looking back. I’m gathering my courage.

My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist.

Bette Davis

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