Music Friday: Already Gone + Bonus

I wanted to share something today in honor of my last day in the office and my upcoming move, but I couldn’t come up with one that really fit the occasion. Instead I offer you a couple of songs that do speak to my current state of mind.

The first is from one of my favorite singers, Kelly Clarkson. I’ve been a fan since her first audition on American Idol. This song is about moving on and letting go. This is something I’ve had a hard time with, and probably is more like what he’s been saying to me for a few months now. I have a hard head, but I’ve got the message now and I agree.

She sings:

And I want you to know

You couldn’t have loved me better

But I want you to move on

So I’m already gone

The second song today is from Jason Mraz, another favorite, and is just a reminder in a world full of negativity.

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