Thanks, 2015!

If I could summarize 2015 in just a few words, I would say it was a year of opportunities. Of new beginnings.

DSC_7729Most of our children are now spread out across the country thanks to these opportunities. They are pursuing new lives and following their hearts and dreams to small towns and big cities. They are leading their adult, independent lives. We miss them terribly, but we’re so proud.

Here at home Doug seized his own opportunity for a new beginning in familiar territory. He gave up the long, miserable commute with thousands of others, in exchange for a much shorter, and friendlier, drive to workIMG_2743 (1) with me.

As for myself, I am thankful for new places to explore and photograph, new people to meet. I feel blessed to have a job I enjoy with colleagues who make it fun to go to work every day. I turned fifty this year and it wasn’t so bad, surrounded by family, friends, and so many, many flowers!




Doug started playing music again, sticking to Open Mic at the Tavern for now, but putting himself out there and looking for the right opportunity with other like-minded musicians.

I know there are even more opportunities just around the corner. Jeremy will be eighteen next fall and the possibilities for him are endless. He just needs to figure out in which direction to go and take the first steps.

I’m taking advantage of a some extra vacation time and going to Panama to see family and take in some much-needed vitamin D courtesy of some tropical sunshine.

What else will the new year bring us? Hopefully more music, love, and laughter. And more opportunities for all of us to do what we love.

Happy New Year!



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