Music Friday: It’s the Morning of My Life

I write a lot about starting over. New beginnings in my second marriage. I’m trying to make the most of every day and every opportunity.

I’ve just returned home after having spent almost a week away from home, traveling for work and away from my husband. I missed him terribly. While I was gone though, he wasn’t sitting in front of the television, killing time. He was out there doing what he should be doing, grabbing opportunities and making plans for the future. He was taking steps toward spending more time making music. This makes me very, very happy. And because he also took the time to bring home a couple of classic Bee Gees records for me while out shopping for his own record collection, today’s Music Friday selection is a Bee Gees tune that you may not be as familiar with as their Fever classics.  It fits my theme for this blog. We’re still in the morning of our life together.

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  1. I was always a fan of the Bee Gees but had not heard that song before – loved it! I also love the Marissa and Doug story, never stop sharing it!

    1. Thanks Mary!

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