Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite/Hues

I’m combining two photo challenges this week since I didn’t get my act together last week. This week’s photo challenge is “the hue of you” and last week’s was “infinite.”

Both of these photos of course show puzzle pieces. The hues challenge asked us to take a photograph with a prominent color that says something about you. The colors in this picture are warm and cozy, which is how I like to be all the time. The puzzle piece aspect is just a bonus right now. There are plenty of things going on my life right now that have me puzzled.

The second photo is for the infinite challenge. Doug likes to line up puzzle pieces when we start working on a puzzle and the pieces seem to go on forever. I kind of like that the ones in the back are sort of out of focus. Seems to add to the infinite quality.

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  1. Tina Schell says:

    OK, now that was a creative combination! Good job 🙂

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