It’s Friday evening in Savannah, Georgia. I’m sitting on the porch of our rental and the curtains are billowing in the strong breeze, just one indication of the storm that’s headed our way. We had rain on the way here, but it’s a gorgeous and balmy evening now and we’re making the most of it….

Four Days in Savannah

After way too much time spent trying to get Google Photos and Apple Photos to play nice, I’m finally ready to share some of the photos from our trip to Savannah last month. I could summarize the days spent there in just a few words (delightful, relaxing, warm, lovely) but I will try to elaborate…

The Sunday Post: It’s May

It’s May 1 and a beautiful day. I’ve been for a walk with S and he’s now sitting out on my front deck, captivated by a Harlan Coben novel. I lent him the couple of hardbacks I still have and he’s already finished the first and is onto the second. It’s very easy to sink…

The Sunday Post: A Quick Recap

Warning: This post is going to ramble. It will cover many seemingly unrelated topics. (Yes, I know. This will not be the first time.) I might get somewhere by the time I’m finished writing, but I might not. I will reward you with some pretty pictures at the end. I’m back home after my road…

Music Fridays: Moon River

I almost forgot to post this today! I just returned from Savannah, where I learned that it was the home of Johnny Mercer, author of many songs we all know and love, including this classic. Here is Andy Williams’s version, one of my favorites.