A Real Peach

For years I’ve held on to a belief that I don’t like peaches. The reality is though that I don’t remember ever trying them. Maybe there were peaches in one of those canned fruit cocktails we got in school. I remember that I used to just eat the grapes. I don’t remember having peaches at…

Edible layers

Maybe I’m hungry, but as was browsing through my photos, looking for something for the Layered photo challenge, these jumped out at me.

Missing Corners

I had several ideas for this week’s photo challenge, but Friday morning as I was writing my Morning Pages it came to me: the corner piece of brownie (a little extra crunch from the edges but still gooey throughout the rest of the delicious morsel of goodness). I don’t remember now how that came to…

Freshly Baked

A batch of chocolate chip cinnamon sugar-crusted coffee cake muffins, fresh out of the oven. Hungry yet?