The Sunday Post: Deck Thoughts

We’re looking at houses today.

I know, I know…but we’re not planning to make an offer or try to buy any of these houses. We’re just looking.

But I’ll back up a little bit.

Yesterday morning S came over for breakfast. It started as a joke, I guess when he texted me Friday night and asked what time he should be over for the pancakes I promised him. I didn’t remember offering to make pancakes but I accepted the challenge and told him to come over as early as he wanted; I would be ready. When he arrived shortly after nine pancakes were cooking, bacon was ready, and the coffee was hot. It was so good to see him and know that it would be more than just a few minutes. After a leisurely breakfast he offered to take me to pick up my new glasses at the mall.

The jury is still out on this new prescription. Everything is still a little fuzzy because they changed the prescription a lot. These are much stronger. I’m glad S drove because I wouldn’t have felt very comfortable driving home. Before we headed home we walked around the mall for a little while, wandering into a few department stores where he tried to talk me into getting a new dress. But the more we wound our way through the dress racks the fuzzier my vision (and head) felt so I resisted (I don’t really need any more dresses right now anyway).

(I interrupt this blog post to report that my vision is still sharp enough to spot a hummingbird feeding on my petunias. I’m sitting outside on my porch and a hummingbird just flew from one planter to another, right past my head. This is one of the things I love about my nest.)

Last night we had to walk through a downpour to get to our dinner reservation and somehow managed not to get completely soaked. Over dinner we talked about how we felt while we were apart. For me, it was a little bit like the period just before we met, except that I wasn’t lonely and waiting to meet somebody. I was lonely because I did meet someone and I missed him. As I expected, it was the same for him.

And so the conversation turned to looking at houses. We’ve both been casually looking already. We have similar tastes in houses. We’ve been sharing Zillow links and most of the time, in my case at least, it’s a house I just looked at added to my “saved” list. We want to be together more, and that means living together. We know realistically that we can’t do that in either of our condos. So that means moving to, and possibly buying, a new place.

I’m excited. The market isn’t the greatest right now for buyers, so we’ll see how this goes. It could be a while still before we get to cohabitate. Neither of us won the lottery jackpot last week…

In the meantime I’m going to enjoy every day and night we get to spend together, every meal we share, our walks, our “deep dive” conversations, and even being led by the hand around the mall when I have more trouble than usual walking a straight line.

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