Music Fridays: Rose Colored Blues

Yesterday one of my cousins posted a picture of herself in an Instagram Story using the “post yours” sticker option. The prompt was to post a picture showing what you looked like five years ago. In the picture she’s holding a camera and looks like a just slightly younger version of herself. She always looks cool and beautiful. This prompted me to look for a picture of myself from 2017 and so I went searching in my Photos app. I found one I liked (and of course, it has to be one you like, right, who would share a picture they didn’t think they looked good in?) that I could share with the same prompt. In the picture I have much longer hair and there’s no gray because at that point I was still covering it up. This got me wondering if I should grow my hair out. It looks so good in that picture. I was even still thinking about it last night as I sat in the stylist’s chair for my monthly trim. But then I remembered that it didn’t always look like that. That picture was probably taken right after my stylist spent an hour or so on it. I’ve never been good at doing my hair. This is why my hair is short now: it’s much easier to manage and all I have to do is run a brush through it.

I was still thinking about 2017 the next time I opened up Apple Music. I noticed the 2017 Replay list at the bottom of the screen so I opened it up to see what I was listening to then. It’s an eclectic list, but much of the music on the list I haven’t heard in a long time (say five years or so…), including this song by Andrew Combs.

I loved this song then and now it’s back in my library. I woke up with the chorus running through my head. It fits my nostalgic mood of the last couple of days, and it fits with the poem that I finished before I fell asleep last night. I’ll share that later.

Enjoy this song and stay safe and warm this weekend. I hear we’re getting some snow. Maybe I shouldn’t have left my snow boots behind in Virginia. 🙁

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