Blankets, and Macarons, and Cinnamon Rolls (Oh My!)

So, it’s been a while. I’ve neglected a few things over the last few weeks, including writing, reading, thanking (in my journal), and blogging. But I haven’t been idle! I decided several weeks ago to crochet a few Christmas gifts and it’s hard to do much of anything else while you’re crocheting, except watch television I guess. And when I wasn’t crocheting I was baking. I made several types of cookies, cinnamon rolls, chocolate mousse bars, bread rolls, and dog treats.

One of my finished projects

One of the cookies I tried to make was eggnog macarons. This was my third attempt at macarons and unfortunately a little less successful than my previous tries. Most of them stuck to the baking mat. I think I probably did not bake them long enough. Last night my sleep was interrupted by dreams about macarons. I was folding batter over and over in my dreams instead of sleeping soundly. It was a very restless night.

This morning though as I was remembering my dream, I also remembered the conversation I had after dinner last night and I’m wondering if I was just tossing and turning over under-baked macarons or if there was more to it.

S and I have been dating for ten months now and exclusive for maybe eight of those months. It’s been great and I couldn’t be happier. One of the things we do regularly is talk about our relationship; where we are, what we want, how we’re feeling. One topic we both approach carefully is where we’re going, or where we want to go. It feels early, too soon, and yet… neither of us is getting any younger.

He wonders if I’m settling. He wonders if our relationship is impeding my growth and my personal goals in any way. I wonder if I am getting in the way of his plans for retirement. We both wonder what it would be like to live together. But we talk about all these things. We don’t assume anything, or at least we try not to.

So all those thoughts may have been going through my head last night and getting mixed up with my frustration with perfecting macarons. I was going to try another batch today but decided it’s too humid out and I still have too many Christmas cookies leftover. Perfecting the macaron will have to wait. I still have a blanket to finish. And so it’s back to Netflix and crochet.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with the next music post. Assuming I finish this blanket by then.

In the meantime, here’s my Christmas video greeting card with a review of 2021. Hope you enjoy it!

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