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The Sunday Post: Boston

As promised, here are some of my favorite shots from last weekend’s getaway trip to Boston. It was a pretty relaxing visit with no big agenda other than a few places I’d pinned in my Google Maps as possible destinations. Turns out most of them were pretty close to our hotel.

The first day was gorgeous. We stowed our bags at the hotel and walked around the corner to Brattle Book Shop and poked around the stacks for a while. I picked up a book of poetry by Louisa May Alcott and then we continued down the street and entered Boston Commons. The trees were full of color and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful morning. The squirrels in this park were huge! They are definitely very well fed. From there we continued to Trinity Church. Built in 1877 it features beautiful stained glass windows. They were doing some maintenance on the front facade of the building so I didn’t get a good shot of the church from the outside, but I did get a good reflection shot of it from a building across the street.

Friday morning we checked out the Boston Public Library. I’ve never been so impressed by a library before. I didn’t get many shots of the modern wing, but the older wing was like walking in an art museum. We even witnessed a marriage proposal that took place between the two lions at the top of a beautiful staircase. That afternoon we walked to Chinatown for dim sum and the wind and rain tested my umbrella to the point where I decided I was better off without it.

Saturday was clear and sunny again and we spend it walking up to Beacon Hill through the park as we made our way over to Acorn Street, known for being the country’s most photographed street. Cobblestones line this very narrow, hilly street and people gather at the top and bottom of the block, trying to capture the perfect shot. Residents are apparently not very keen on this though, as one of them was going up and down the block putting up planters with signs reminding tourists that “families live here, please don’t linger.” We tried to be respectful and only posed for a picture when someone offered to take our picture in exchange for taking theirs.

From there we took an Uber across the river to the MIT campus, where the architecture put me in my element. I love taking pictures of lines and patterns and there were plenty everywhere I turned.

We also spent some time with S’s daughter. We went to her place for dinner Thursday night and I met her boyfriend, who had challenged S to a game of cribbage. I know nothing about cribbage so I was completely lost but it was fun to watch. We saw his daughter again on Saturday when she met us at the MIT campus and we sat on a bench and talked for a while before she drove us back to our hotel.

I would like to go back again for another visit, maybe in the spring, and see some of the other sights, and grab another lobster roll, eat some more clam chowder. I didn’t get a cannoli on this trip, so maybe that will be my objective next visit.

Enjoy the slideshow!

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