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The Sunday Post: Feeling Lazy?

I feel like I’ve been slacking here lately. I haven’t been writing much but it’s not because I don’t have anything to say. Honestly, I’ve just been lazy. I’ve been a little lazy about walking and even doing yoga regularly, too.

I haven’t just been sitting on my couch doing nothing though. I’ve been cooking and baking and just picked up my crochet hooks again after a long pause. I’ve been decorating and re-arranging my nest a little bit, getting even more settled into my space. I might paint one or two rooms before the year is over.

Last weekend I was at Greenville’s annual fall festival (appropriately named “Fall for Greenville”) and enjoyed the live music and beautiful weather with many, many people. Going to live music shows again has been so much fun.

My love life is still going very well. I’ve met more of his friends and his daughter as well, and we just made plans for a long weekend away next month where we’ll see his daughter again but also take in some of the sights and attractions in Cambridge and Boston. Today I spent the day at his place watching football and eating food that I didn’t have to make. I’ve got a boyfriend who not only can cook, but he enjoys cooking! He’s also going to be my date at the office holiday party in December.

I haven’t committed 100% to that yet. It’s a long way to go for a Christmas party, but this year it feels like I need to go to show my support for the company that’s been very good to me and is doing its best to do the right thing. After boycotting the event for a couple or three years (and it being canceled last year), I think it might be time to go back.

I know I shouldn’t feel too bad about taking a break from writing here. I took a whole year off back in 2018-2019! There was a whole lot going on then that I could have written about, but I must have found some other outlet, right? Maybe that’s why I buried myself in crochet projects. Not bad therapy, I suppose. Earlier this week I ordered the book “Hooked: How Crafting Saved my Life” and I think I will find that I am on the right track when I think of these creative endeavors as therapy sessions.

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