The Sunday Post: Back to Work

And just like that, vacation is almost over. Sigh.

I’ve spent the past two weeks basking in sunshine and laziness. I’ve had a few days that felt pretty ordinary, spent doing chores such as laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning the bathroom. But there were also days spent walking in the park, drinking coffee from a small downtown coffee shop, trying new recipes, and just staring at the view. I enjoyed these days alone and took advantage of the quiet times to write, read, and listen to the birds. They were peaceful, relaxing, and restful.

But of course, the best days were those spent at the beach. We couldn’t have asked for better weather while we were at Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. If you’re looking for a beautiful beach where you can unwind, get away from the crowds, but still have shopping and dining options nearby, I highly recommend it. We woke for the sunrise and walked on the beach, took a dip in the ocean for a swim (well, S did at least, I only got in up to my knees or so), and of course, spent hours on our beach chairs under our umbrella just listening to the waves, reading and enjoying the view.

My vacation started with a concert and tonight it’s also ending with one. We’re going to see The Counting Crows and it’s going to be a beautiful evening for an outdoor show, just like it was for St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

Tomorrow morning when I sign back on and get back to work I’ll be thinking about the past couple of weeks, but feeling pretty thankful for the job and tenure that allowed me to take that time off. But looking forward to the next opportunity to get away.

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