I’ve been thinking a lot about us —
I know that’s no surprise.
A new year brings back memories
of paths traveled, promises made
and all that each word implied.

We thought coincidence was actually fate
leading us time and again
toward each other, until finally, at last
the spark ignited and all I could think about
was when would I kiss your lips again.

The passion we felt fueled me, body and soul.
It reminded me of whom I wanted to be:
someone desired, wanted, and loved.
You nurtured my spirit and protected my heart.
Those are the most important things you did for me.

Now I’m signing papers that will send us 
each on a different, and separate, track.
But I will always remember those days,
and even if I shed a few tears each time I do,
please know I would never take them back.

No regrets
and no goodbyes.
No more coincidences.
Only precious memories.
I will wait here, patiently, for the next spark.

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