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The Sunday Post: Feed Me!

I’m watching one of those food/travel shows and it’s making me hungry! It’s also making me want to cook, bake, and then eat!The show I’m watching is called “Somebody Feed Phil” and it’s just the right mixture of travelogue, reality TV, and cooking show. Phil travels around the world eating the best of what the world has to offer, and has such a good time while doing it.

So after a weekend during which I barely thought about food (and had to remind myself to eat), I’m hungry! The episode I just watched took place in Italy, and most of it in Venice. So beautiful, and the food looked so delicious. All I had to make dinner when I got back was chicken and it was in the freezer, so I did not cook anything for dinner today. Egg salad sandwich, my old stand-by, to the rescue. But now I feel like cooking.

I’m off tomorrow so I think I will start by baking some cookies! I also considered making cinnamon rolls from scratch this year instead of the ones in the tube, but when I tried to get yeast the other day the store was all out. Maybe I’ll have some luck at the store tomorrow.

I have no idea what I’m cooking for dinner this week, but I would like to come up with something different, something interesting, to make. I’m not sure what our plans for Christmas Day are yet, other than hanging out at my daughter’s with the kids. Guess I should check in with the kids and figure that out.

In addition to food, cookies, and such, I need to feed the writer in me with some story ideas. I finished a writing course a couple of weeks ago but was too lazy at the time to do all the writing exercises. I should go back and tackle some of those over the next couple of weeks. Or go back to the website with the random photo prompts and see what comes up. I did have an idea or two while at the beach, that I dictated into my phone because I forgot to bring my notebook down with me. But I think those thoughts are what led to my last poem.

Maybe tomorrow morning before I go to the store I will stop at the coffee shop down the street (conveniently located two steps past the local Community Tap and about a 100 steps or so from the grocery store), and take my laptop with me, enjoy a cup, and find something to write about. I believe you can sit and stay a while as long as you’re wearing a mask (when you’re not sipping your coffee).

By the way, last week’s “bloom” was in this morning’s poem and the timing could not have been more perfect. It was “Vamos a la playa, vamos a jugar!”

Let’s go to the beach, let’s go play!

I wasn’t playing while I was there, but it was perfect. Exactly where I needed to be.

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