Just a Date

“It’s just a date on the calendar,” he said.
The same man who remembered all the dates.
The day he saw The Stones on SNL.
The day he decided he would be a father.
But December 18?
It’s just a day.

The day we said “I do” with our children
at our side, holding hands
and joining my family to his.

Now these kids, no longer children
are having kids of their own, and
creating new milestones, with
new dates to remember, still an important
part of my family, and they will always be.

I arrived at the ocean’s edge today
to hear the sound of the waves; it was almost enough
to drown out the thoughts in my head but could
not contain the emotions that came spilling out.

We said “I do” but ten years later
what I must do is let go so I can rise to the top,
where I can breathe.

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