Tuesday Vibes

Today was another beautiful day in Greenville. I haven’t left the house today so I really can’t say much more than that, but the views from my windows indicated that it was a beautiful fall day. This past weekend I did get out and enjoy the weather. I ended up going on a bit of a hike as I tagged along while Jeremy checked out a disc golf course he hadn’t played on before. It was his birthday and disc golf is his new favorite activity (or at least it’s right up there with playing video games). We spent the rest of his birthday at Allyson’s where I made everyone dinner (I don’t have a dining set yet at my place) and we just enjoyed the time together.

It was exactly what I needed. As expected I’ve had good days and bad days and being able to spend most of the weekend with the kids was just what I needed.

The week has been fairly uneventful other than the usual political and pandemic news, or at least that’s what I was thinking until just a little while ago when I heard the news about Eddie Van Halen — another legend lost this year. I’m sharing this particular video because it’s one the first songs I heard from Van Halen, mostly because of its name. All the radio stations in Panama played this song even if they didn’t normally play Van Halen, even though of course the song has nothing to do with Panama. Rest in peace, Eddie.

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