Music Fridays: Feeling Good

Yesterday I wrote my cousin Rachel a quick note to thank her for the card she sent me with ideas for new recipes to try. I wrote something about being on my own for the first time in my life and the fact that it is probably long overdue. This morning I woke to a new day and the idea that being on my own is not so bad, or at least it doesn’t have to be.

I made a new playlist on YouTube and on my phone this morning after my Morning Pages writing session. There are only ten songs on it so far, but the common theme is independence, being alone, and feeling all right about being alone. I’m sharing one of those songs with you today. There’s no video for this original version of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, but I think this is the best version.

What other songs should I add to my playlist?

Tonight I’m hosting a virtual happy hour on Facebook with a few friends. I still miss his face and his company, but I’m adjusting and looking forward to becoming a happier version of myself.

Do you have a comment or feedback?

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