Yes, that’s a smile on my face

My furniture and the rest of my stuff arrived yesterday and I was never so happy to see a couple of guys and a truck. They arrived mid-afternoon and by bedtime I had my bed made, my clothes were hanging in the closet, and the armoire was full. Looking at it now I think I might have to move it a little bit, and maybe the nightstand should go on the other side of the bed, but it felt good to sleep in my own bed (although it used to be the guest bed so it’s not the one I slept on before).

I think these Hyperion Espresso beans will get me through a couple of weeks or so.

This morning I made coffee with the French press with the coffee beans I brought from home (um, my former home) and settled in to work in my home office. The office setup isn’t quite complete yet, but it’s good enough for now. I resisted the temptation to unpack more boxes until lunch time, during which I got most of the kitchen boxes unpacked and things put away.

This afternoon I received beautiful flowers from my oldest friends, who have been checking in with me frequently over the past couple of months.

Now I am taking a break, sitting on my couch while I enjoy a cold beer you can’t buy in Virginia any more, Bell’s Octoberfest.

Tomorrow the real work begins.

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  1. Congratulations on your New Home! Love that smile! Enjoy your new path!

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