The Sunday Post: For Sentimental Reasons

I’ve always been a nostalgic, sentimental type of person. Each time I leave a place for the last time, I feel sad, even if my time there wasn’t all that happy. Happened with school, work, and every house I’ve lived in.

As a teen I spent more than one new year’s eve counting down the hits of the year and looking back at the year, rather than spending it looking forward to the year to come. This past new year’s we spent it with friends and I didn’t really have time to spend it going down memory lane. I was looking forward to 2020. That’s turned out well so far for all us, hasn’t it? What a disaster all the way around.

Today is my last Sunday in Fredericksburg for the foreseeable future, so yes, I’m feeling nostalgic. I did promise you yesterday that I was done wallowing, so don’t worry. I will not be wallowing here today.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

As I’ve packed up my things I’ve had a few debates with myself over what to take with me, what to donate or trash, and what to leave in the house. There are memories associated with just about everything here and I feel a little bad about taking them all with me. Is that strange?

I’m going out this afternoon to listen to the guys play some music, see a few friends, and visit with my sister for a little bit. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a crier. I’m going to try my hardest to keep that at bay, or at least to a minimum today. I’ll be playing happy music on the way there to psych myself up and then again on the way back. But because I am a sentimental, hyper-sensitive person who cries even watching children sing happy songs, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to avoid it completely today, or any day this week for that matter. If you see me tear up, don’t take it as an indication that I’m wallowing, looking for attention, asking for your pity, or trying to make you feel bad. Maybe just give me a sign (a wink, peace sign, pat your head twice, I don’t know) that you see what’s happening and that it’s OK, but I should probably stop.

I don’t have much else to say today. I’m feeling a bit lazy now that almost everything is packed. It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m looking forward to getting out for a little bit (mask at the ready). I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful week. Next time you hear from me I’ll probably be writing to you from beautiful Greenville, South Carolina. Please keep you fingers crossed and send good vibes for smooth and pain-free move. 🙂

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