Day Two

Don’t call it a resolution. It’s more of an experiment.

I’ve decided to give intermittent fasting another try, and to make it just a little more challenging, I’ve also decided that January is going to be a dry month. Guess it’s the roaring twenties all over again with my own little return to the days of prohibition.

I wouldn’t say I drink too much, but I will admit that there are times when I have more servings in a week than what doctors would consider “drinking in moderation.” It’s just become a habit to have a drink before going to bed, sometimes two, and almost always a couple when we go out.

I’m doing both of these together for several reasons:

  1. Sleep better.
  2. Save some money.
  3. Think more clearly.
  4. Feel better.
  5. Lose a little weight.

But mostly, I hope to give my body a system re-boot. Give it a chance to recover from the indulgences of the last two months, or really the last couple of years.

More infused water coming soon (but only between 12 and 8 pm)!

There will be days and nights when I will be tempted to give up on one or both of these challenges. My husband is a musician, which means late nights in bars and restaurants. If I go with him, I will be ordering water or a soda, and only water after 8 pm. Sometimes it might be easier to stay home with a nice cup of tea.

So far, so good. I didn’t sleep well last night but that was probably because of the coffee I had with dinner. Tonight it will be chamomile tea. I will try to write more often this month and let you guys know how it’s going. My first real test will be Saturday night when we go to a local brewery where the band is playing. I should be a cheap date, though!

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