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Frequent Shots of Purple

Breezy greens and soft blues, accented with splashes of steamy purples. That’s what my normal mood canvas would look like.

Except our air conditioning is not working. Bad luck seems to follow us from house to house when it comes to HVAC equipment. The past two days temperatures have almost reached the 100°F mark and it seems the system in our new home just can’t keep up. Or maybe it’s taking a brief vacation. Whatever the reason, temperatures inside are almost as high. So in addition to the normal array of pleasant hues, my canvas today has big bold dots of reds and oranges.

Temperatures outside and inside the house have a way of affecting everything we do, from what we have for dinner (now is not the best time to make those stuffed peppers that have to bake for almost an hour), to our choice of evening cocktails (a Tom Collins with lots of ice would be lovely, dear, thank you), to what we wear to bed after a second (or third?) cool shower. So we lay naked on the bed with the ceiling fan above us on maximum speed, doing what we can to replace the fiery reds and oranges with bursts of purple.

I’m hopeful that temperatures will subside in the coming days and that someone will soon fix our AC. I can then resume my everyday blend of greens and blues, with many, frequent shots of purple.

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