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Meet me on the Path

Your journey is not the same as mine and my journey not the same as yours, but if you meet me on the path may we always encourage each other.

I’m almost overdue to write about my newest bloom. After I picked it last week I had great intentions to go “on location” somewhere and stage a picture along a road or a trail or a bridge somewhere. But the weather has not cooperated. I feel fortunate that I’m not in Texas or the midwest somewhere, where the temperatures are causing rolling blackouts, ice storms, and snow as far south as El Paso. Here it’s just a lot of rain and temperatures just cold enough to keep me inside. Yesterday’s post was about a real dream and my real attempt to get outside.

This morning when I turned the page in my gratitude journal and prepared to start today’s list, I read the quote and smiled. Maybe this quote was meant for yesterday. Or maybe I’m supposed to continue with the theme of moving forward and incorporate it with my weekly bloom post.

I know I’m not the only one on this path toward self-discovery. We might not all be walking at the same pace, and some of us may be on bicycles, or motorcycles, or maybe even flying above our heads. But we’re all trying to get somewhere, right? It might feel like we’re going in opposite directions sometimes, or that we’re moving backwards, but as long as we keep moving, it’s easier to keep our balance.

I hope that’s the case at least. I’ll keep pedaling and working on making forward progress.

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