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Who’s on First?

Engineers have a reputation for being overly precise when it comes to everyday matters. Ask them a question and they will answer it correctly while you remain clueless. German engineers take this to a whole other level.

Case in point— this conversation between my boss (German Engineer) and his boss (Deadeye Perry) a few years ago:

Deadeye Perry: Do you know the dates for the IPM meeting in Coburg?

German Engineer: Of course

Deadeye Perry: What are they?

German Engineer: They are the dates when all the project managers will meet in Germany.

Deadeye: I know that! What I want to know is which days would that be?

GE: You mean in March?

Deadeye: The IPM meeting is in March?

GE: Usually, but sometimes it’s in early April.

Deadeye: In 2004, will the meeting be in March?

GE: The IPM meeting?

Deadeye: Yes, the IPM meeting!

GE: Yes.

Deadeye: What days in March?

GE: Monday and Tuesday.

Deadeye Perry: Don’t move. I am almost finished loading my clip.

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