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Music Fridays: New Kelly

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but one of my favorite artists just released two new songs from her upcoming album and since I can relate to both so much… here they are.

Kelly Clarkson is now on the other side of her divorce heartache but the songs on this album were written while she was in the thick of it. These songs are from different stages of her journey, and I’m sure that most people who have gone through a divorce or a breakup will be able to relate to these feelings.

These lyrics definitely hit home, and I’m so thankful for the army at my side:

loved you so much

took an army to pull me up

but now on the other side

i remembered i could fly

I know that I’m where I need to be now and even if I hadn’t found the wonderful man at my side these days, I would be fine. I figured out how to fly, even if I did have to be pushed out and forced to do so.

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