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Please excuse the day-of-the-week naming for this week’s posts. I wanted to put a post out each day this week and compromised on post titles in exchange for getting each one published. I’ve been trying to take more pictures this week, and I took the one below last night when I noticed the full moon peeking through the trees.

We were out at a local brewery, taking a mid-week break to unwind from what’s been a busy week. We’d both worked out (Zumba for me!) already, we hadn’t seen each other in a week, and we also needed to check in on our weekend plans. So going from the gym to the brewery made perfect sense.

Before we headed to the brewery we sat on the grass outside the gym and watched a kids’ soccer game and it brought back memories of doing the same thing years ago, with our own kids out on the field chasing the soccer ball. It was a beautiful evening, and I’m bummed that the forecast for Savannah this weekend is not as nice. But even if we have to spend the whole weekend indoors, a few days away with S is going to be wonderful. I love Savannah and have seen many of the sights already, so a rainy and cool forecast won’t put too much of a damper on our plans.

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