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The Sunday Post: Brunch

It’s the calm before the storm.

That time soon before your guests arrive.

You look in the fridge, wondering if you’ve forgotten something. (Like that time we left a whole tray of cocktail shrimp in there and only found it as we were putting things away.)

The table is set, the oven’s warming up.

You’re dressed except for shoes. You wonder if your guests will care if you stay in your house slippers.

I love entertaining, but I get anxious each time. Will the food taste good? Almost more importantly, will it look pretty? Did I make enough? (I never worry there’s too much.) Today’s I’m hosting S’s friends for the first time at my place. We’ve been to this couple’s home a couple times for dinner already and S hosted at his place for pre-symphony drinks once. It’s my turn. I love the fact that we’re extending and accepting invitations as a couple.

So here I sit. I have a little time to relax, listen to music, and write.

I haven’t written in some time. I wrote in an Instagram post recently that I’ve been busy reflecting, cooking, talking, walking, thinking, loving, and slow dancing.

I spent a few days in Fredericksburg this month and I enjoyed meeting up with old friends and colleagues. I know my boss liked having almost a full department in the office for a change (another department member flew in from the west coast for the week as well). Fredericksburg hasn’t changed too much since I was there last in December but this time I wasn’t sick so the trip was much more enjoyable.

I’ve been helping my daughter get ready for her wedding, celebrated her birthday this week, and plans for my birthday trip to Savannah with S are taking shape. I think we’re going to check out one of the ghost tours, spend a day at the beach, and have a great dinner out on my birthday. I’m excited to share this adventure with someone this year. It was a year ago this weekend that we went on our first dinner date (that time he said afterward that he would go anywhere with me as long as I wore the dress I wore that night).

I’m happy. I’m in love.

I still have moments where I look back and wonder why. Times when I wonder what red flags I missed. Days that I feel disappointed in people’s actions, and non-actions.

But overall, I’m happy and excited about the near future and trying not to think too much about the more distant future.

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