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Playing Favorites

January will be over soon so I’m late to this party, but I just found out about a WordPress blogging challenge called “Bloganuary” with daily prompts to encourage regular writing. I haven’t looked at all the prompts I’ve missed but yesterday’s was “favorite photo you’ve ever taken.”

I am terrible at picking favorites. I’ve probably written about this before. I’m getting that deja-vu feeling. Anyway, I always have been. Can’t tell you my favorite color but if you look at my closet you will probably come up with your own conclusion. But when it comes to photographs, I do have a few that I really love. A while back I put them all on one page here, hoping it would kick-start some activity with my camera. It comes and goes. My camera sits in a corner collecting dust for long spells until the muse comes back around to grace me with inspiration. I think it’s time I update that page with some newer photos.

But for now and for this prompt I will re-share that little collection with you now. Click on the photo below to go to my Favorite Shots.

Brownie; Fredericksburg, Virginia
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