We went for a walk on Christmas Day
The sun felt warm on my skin
but a cool breeze reminded me it wasn’t quite mid-winter
Bells above my head rang out with hope, potential, and anticipation
I craned my neck to seek them out, searching in the trees
Fighting the tendency to walk head-down, looking at my feet
Trying to stay on the straight and narrow
He held my hand, helping me stay on the path

We went for a walk on New Year’s Day
Wandering through old neighborhoods
We pointed out houses, guessing at prices
And picking our favorites, wondering
What it would be like

I went for a walk the other day
The air was cold so my pace was quick
It wasn’t quite the same without him
So I kept the distance short
He doesn’t know this
but I whisper to him goodnight
Each time I reach to turn off the light
I look forward to the weekends, maybe more than most
Because that’s when I can say the words in person
And hold him close

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