Music Fridays: We Can Do Hard Things

Last spring I was one of the millions (billions?) of people who read Glennon Doyle’s Untamed and saw myself (and my daughter, my friends) in Glennon’s stories. I was barely through the first couple of chapters when I knew I had to pass it along to my daughter. This was right before the pandemic, right before I started having to do really hard things. I bought myself another copy of the book this spring when I felt like I needed to re-read it.

A couple of months ago Glennon and her sister, Amanda, launched a podcast titled “We Can Do Hard Things.” Topics change weekly and I always find something helpful or insightful for my own life. But one of the very best things about this podcast, in my opinion at least, is the theme song. It was written by Glennon’s 14-year old daughter Tish and is performed by her with backing vocals by Brandi Carlile. I immediately looked for it on Apple Music and was disappointed when I couldn’t find it. But after popular demand, it is now available on all the streaming platforms!

Take a listen. You can do hard things.

Have a great weekend!

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