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My Single Life: Day 37

I had multiple ideas last night for a post or two, and maybe even for the continuation of Jenny’s story, which I’m still working on, but of course I did not get out of bed to write them down. I was tired. I kind of remember a few of them….

This is (just) a quick post to kick off what could be a new series or post category on this blog. Or maybe I will do “Thing # that I like about being single.” I’m not sure yet which way this will go.

As an aside: I have “just” in parentheses above because I’m trying to cut that word out of my writing.

Today is an important day in my new life as a single person. I’m going on a dinner date! Technically this will be my third date with this person, but the other two have been mostly “continuous motion” (if that makes any sense) because both other times we were walking around the whole time, first along a walking trail (with a brief stop at a picnic table) and then a visit to the zoo. You might remember me writing about the first one a while back. This was when I was afraid I had talked way too much, gotten too emotional, and scared him away. Well apparently I didn’t.

I had a lunch date with someone a few weeks ago and we didn’t connect at all. It was just ok, and I was not sad when it was over. I think he felt the same way because a few days later he called me to say pretty much that. I will give him credit for calling me to say that and not just sending a text. I was on another call at the time so he ended up having to leave a voicemail. He did offer to meet up with me if I was ever in his neck of the woods (he lives about an hour away) and needed a guide.

And I also had a first date with another gentleman last week. We met for a drink at the Tap down the street from me. I had a nice time and thought we hit it off pretty well. Unfortunately he lives about an hour away as well so meeting up again will require a little more planning.

But I am looking forward to tonight, and of course I am nervous as well. I’ve picked out my outfit although there’s always a strong chance I will change multiple times before I head out the door. Coincidentally I have a haircut scheduled for this afternoon so at least my hair should look good.

I’m not sure when I will report back on my date, but there’s a strong chance my Sunday Post will cover it. Stay tuned and wish me luck. 🙂

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