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The Sunday Post: A little bit of everything

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Virginia. It’s also pretty quiet in my little corner of the world as I’m home alone while Doug is out prospecting with a band mate. They’re looking for new places to gig and most likely enjoying a cold beer or two while taking in the magnificent weather. We have to enjoy these days when we can because you never know what Mother Nature will present us with the next day. She’s pretty finicky, that one.

That leaves me with plenty of time to do whatever I please. Which can be quite a dilemma for me. I have a book to finish before I can start the new Harlan Coban thriller that’s just arrived. I’ve gone to the grocery store and I’m ready for my next foray into my not-quite-abandoned paella quest but I don’t want to start cooking too early. In the meantime I could do some yoga, go for a walk, get back to that book, I can write, work with my camera some more. Decisions, decisions!

What usually happens in these cases is that I waste a whole lot of time going from one thing to the next without fully committing to any one thing.


I decided I’m going to do a short yoga practice before I start cooking.

I’ll read after dinner.

So I guess that means that for now I write or work on my photography skills? Maybe both?

I’ve compromised with a little bit of PhotoShop practice. I’m still a beginner with PhotoShop because I used Aperture for my photo editing until it went away. So today I decided to try a couple filters on a couple of my newer photos.

The first photo was already beautiful without doing anything to it, because these guitars are gorgeous on their own and the afternoon sun gave them a lovely, golden glow. I thought the stained glass filter might be cool here.

Stained glass filter

This shot of a bowl full of marbles seemed like a logical candidate for the spherical effect.

Sphere effect

Tomorrow I get to play with a new lens and a wireless remote! I’m hoping to get a few good shots at the band’s next show on Saturday (The Acoustic Onion’s 60’s party at Castiglia’s) and hopefully some video and I know the light won’t be great so I need to study and prepare. All tips appreciated! Wish me luck!




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