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To write or not to write

That is the question. This is another tough assignment and I’m not sure where to start. I’m even tempted to skip it. But I did write something earlier about “no excuses” didn’t I?

I’m not a writer by profession but I do have to stretch my creative writing muscles at work every once in a while, even though the subject is very technical. It’s not easy finding different ways to expound the merits of a piece of industrial machinery. But even though writing is not my main job, it helps to be able to spend some of my time doing something different. Some days it’s taking pictures of said industrial machinery or maybe pictures of employees.  Other days it’s helping brainstorm ideas for a new ad campaign. Each of these tasks uses a different part of the brain.

Sometimes while I’m concentrating on one of these other tasks, there’s an idea just kind of simmering on a back burner. If I’m lucky it moves over to the front burner when I return to my initial task and I’m refreshed enough to recognize it and take advantage of it.

At home, I re-charge in similar ways. Cooking, taking pictures, going for a walk all refresh my head and clear the cobwebs. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a shower. That’s when the best ideas come around. Now I just need to work on remembering them long enough to write them down.

Written for WordPress’s Finding Everyday Inspiration course. Day 9: Writing and Not Writing

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