We’ve come a long way, baby

Not just because “I’m worth it,” but because I’ve earned it. I’m approaching my fiftieth birthday and I’ve been working for my present employer for twenty years (this summer). I’ve worked hard and feel fortunate to be able to reach a point in my life where we can treat each other. This is how we chose to reward ourselves:

2012 Nissan 370Z

This is certainly a nice upgrade from the 1990 Nissan Sentra I learned to drive in as a young bride:

First Nissan
1990 (I think) Nissan Sentra

And, since I’ve already showed you pictures of the outside of my reward, did I mention the interior has lovely touches of orange? The orange is not all over, but strategically placed on the seats and on the doors. Since this week’s challenge is to feature the color orange, it just seemed appropriate to zoom in on the Z.

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