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It’s about the little things in life

It may not seem like much of an achievement to most people, but my son did something really wonderful today. He made the cornbread for our dinner.

 I knew I would be late getting home tonight so I asked him to make some cornbread to go with our leftover chili. It was from a mix, so I will admit to most this was not a huge task.

My son is the type of person who doesn’t venture too far out of his comfort zone, and it’s a small and limited zone. When given a new task he always asks for very specific instructions and wants guidance with every step because he is afraid of making a mistake.

I left for work this morning and put the cornbread mix on the kitchen counter, along with the pan I wanted him to use. I was prepared to get multiple text messages this afternoon with questions. I only received two. The first asked what time I would like him to start on the cornbread. I received the second one while on my way home: a picture message of the finished product.

I could tell he was proud of his cornbread. He didn’t really want to pose for a picture, but I insisted. He’s shown curiosity about cooking, so I want to encourage him and nurture that interest. Today it’s just cornbread, but maybe one day we will be cooking together and he will be the one teaching me a new recipe.

So tonight I celebrate the delicious achievement that is cornbread, baked my son.


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