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A Day of Renewal

Yesterday I decided that I am leaving Facebook. I am going to deactivate my personal account. i will eventually deactivate the page for my business. Over the next couple of days I’m going to go through my list of “friends” and collect contact information. My objective is not to stop interacting and communicating with my friends and family, but to spend more time actually living life and participating in it instead of insulating myself from the world through a Facebook account. I hope that I will stay in touch with my friends and family who are far away, while at the same time spending time with those who are nearby.

WordPress’s weekly photo challenge theme this week is “renewal.” It seems very appropriate somehow. This morning we took off for a drive in the country. The following pictures are from today’s day of renewal.

Starting the day with a cup of coffee from our local coffee-lover’s haven, The Hyperion Espresso.
On the road to Sperryville, VA – a beautiful day for a drive
This guy was on the side of the road, just hanging out. He was still there when we drove past on the way home. Guarding a nest? Waiting for a ride?
The road is getting quieter and the views are getting prettier.
The path to another coffee destination: Central Coffee Roasters
Central Coffee Roasters is a small roastery in Sperryville, VA with an aromatic selection of freshly roasted beans and free samples of freshly brewed coffee.
A living example of “renewal”
Beautiful skies; so glad we got the grocery shopping out of the way yesterday so we had the whole day free to wander.
Outside the roastery, another scenic drive beckons.
Tired of the beautiful scenery yet?
A different type of renewal; time for a little refreshment as we head back home to Fredericksburg.
A quick stop at the Old Towne Butcher to pick up something delicious and fresh for dinner.
The city of Fredericksburg is undergoing a bit of “renewal” too. The city is preparing for the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg and everywhere you can see signs of restoration and renewal. This is the Kenmore Inn which will host some of the activities.
Home and instead of checking statuses, I’m finding time for other activities.
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